About Us

You know how frustrating it is to try on bras and find one, just one, that fits AND is comfortable? Or what about when you’ve found the right one, it fits perfectly and then that style is discontinued? Don’t panic!

I understand. I’m Rachel and my business, Intimates Uncovered (formerly Better Bath & Beauty), was born from that frustration of not finding a replacement for the perfect bra that fit but had been discontinued.

How It All Started

I started out selling a bra that I had bought for myself without trying it on because I couldn’t bear another breakdown and crying episode in the fitting room. The bra I bought was inexpensive and I was willing to take the loss rather than suffer the indignity of getting undressed in a semi-public place and trying on another bra that didn’t fit. Of course, you guessed it. When I got home and tried it on, it wasn’t a good fit. In fact, it was a major failure.

So rather than donate it to the local thrift store, I got an idea: I could sell it online! At least that way I could get back what I paid without the hassle of having to return it to the store and explaining to the cashier that it didn’t fit. So embarrassing.

I only had a little experience buying online, but I put it up for auction with a picture and very little detail and would you believe it? I sold that bra in about an hour! I knew that I couldn’t be the only one dealing with this bra frustration and that sale was proof! From that one sale my business began growing.

A few years later, just one month after taking the leap and quitting my job to concentrate on building up my business, the unthinkable happened. My husband lost his job. Now all we had was this untested business and a mortgage. I know you feel me.

My husband began helping me pack and ship orders while I went into overdrive trying to make sure we had enough inventory and orders to pay our bills.

Present Day

Fast-forward nine years to 2020 and Intimates Uncovered now carries over 25,000 items, from bras to shapewear and swimwear, and my husband is still packing and shipping for me! We are working with major stores to pick up their overstock and discontinued styles from brands like Bali, Felina, Gilligan & O'Malley, Hanes, Maidenform, Olga, Paramour, Playtex, Vanity Fair, Warner’s, Xhilaration and always looking for new opportunities.

Each day we hear from happy, grateful customers who are so relieved to find the bra they loved and can’t buy anymore in store - all at reasonable prices. (Check out our reviews from actual customers)

So, if you ever wondered what happened to your favorite bra styles when they’re not in stores anymore, check out our inventory. We'll hook you up!

About Us